Selecting a Contractor

Selecting a Contractor

Selecting a contractor should be a pleasing experience for every homeowner. Our membership has made a commitment to you to uphold high standards of professionalism and building expertise throughout our neighbourhood.

When it comes to having your project completed to your satisfaction, the incredible wealth of local talent available to you throughout the MPDBA is your best opportunity.

The MPDBA believes strongly in its members and recommends that you compare at least three (3) contractors before starting your project. Use our checklist for all three and compare the results.

You may find in your search that your contractor of choice is not able to start your project within your time schedule. Our members are always willing to refer you to other members who may be available for you.

Make your selection based on overall value not just lowest cost. If you spend less and get a project which is not to your satisfaction, you have no bargain.

Homeowner Checklist

To help you select the right contractor for you, the one that will help keep your experience a satisfying one, use this checklist.

To help you select the right contractor for you, the one that will help keep your experience a satisfying one, use this checklist.

1. Is the Contractor registered according to provincial and municpal laws as well as a member of the local Association? Does he/she have a license?

2. Does the Contractor have sufficient insurance coverage (Workers Compensation or Liability Insurance) to protect your interests and those of the onsite workers?

3. Does the Contractor use the Ontario Building Code as a minimum standard for all work? Are there certain items he/she will do which are better than the code, which will enhance your project?

4. Do the years of being in business and levels of experience indicated by the builder satisfy your needs?

5. Does the Contractor provide you with a written contract, estimate & quote with details?

6. Has the Contractor provided references for work completed with other customers?

7. Will the Contractor obtain necessary Permits & Approvals for your project, or will this be your responsibilty?

8. Is the Contractor familiar with the areas regulations and the various Planning and Building Department protocols and processes?

9. Does the Contractor offer a warranty and describe all items covered?

10. Does the Contractor hire subcontractors for certain work, and are they licensed trades people?

11. Does the Contractor have a process to record any changes requested and approved by you for your project?

12. Does the Contractor have a pleasant business-like manner and are you comfortable with him/her?

13. Does the Contractor provide “after project” completion service? Will he/she be there for you if there is a need?

Contractor References

Often the best recommendations for your contractors can be already satsified customers. Ask for references and be sure to make contact with them. If possible go visit at least one of the referred projects provided the owner is willing and available to proudly show their project.

Questions to Ask:

Was the project completed on time?

Are you satisfied with the results?

Did you and the contractor communicate well throughout the project?

Were there cost overruns?

Were the workers courteous & on time?

Was the project site kept clean every day?

Were there any health & safety issues?