Barterpay Simcoe County

Contact: Dale Johnston
Work Phone: 705-735-0450 Cell Phone: 705-327-8100 Website:


BarterPay Simcoe County is a part of Canada’s largest business to business barter network.

BarterPay launched in Simcoe County in 2006 under the ownership of the BarterPay Waterloo franchise owner, Tom Schnarr, and was part of the franchise group then known as BarterPay Midwestern Ontario.  Tom and his wife Andree had a cottage and felt that they would be able manage both regions.  Initially the region grew rapidly and was successfully moving forward, but eventually reached a plateau with the broker who had started with the region and Tom’s time being split between Waterloo and Simcoe County.  Tom began to look for a sales partner for the area to continue growing the Simcoe County region while he focused on the Waterloo region.   Finally, in the late summer of 2014 through one of his clients he was introduced to Dale Johnston, who was interested in the sales position.  One of the the clients that Dale signed on early in the fall of 2014 was Gym-Con Ltd. which his wife Karen had been working at in Inside Sales for the past 17 years.  Karen quickly developed an interest in barter and she and Dale began discussions with Tom to acquire the franchise.   In March of 2015, Dale and Karen took over ownership of the franchise, and Karen left her position at Gym-Con to become the broker full time.

Dale and Karen want to see their clients succeed and work hard to provide consistent and reliable customer service.

Barter Managment, Advertising, New Business Generation, Networking, Business Consulting